Spectroscopy Solutions

We offer you a service package that consists of consultation, execution and guidance. The fields which are covered by our services include near-infrared- (NIR), middle-infrared- (MIR or IR) and Raman-spectroscopy. Moreover, we are able to provide the combination of thermogravimetric metering and FTIR-spectroscopy.

The areas of application of these spectroscopic methods are various and range from basic commodities, intermediate and final products of the chemical industry to synthetics, pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients. It also can be applied to cosmetics, petro-chemical products, groceries and fodders or the elaboration of problems in environmental analytics.

Furthermore, the use of our spectroscopic methods contributes to the general quality assurance and helps to save expenses.

Our strengths:

  • Specialized knowledge of NIR-, MIR- and Ramam-spectroscopy.

  • Many years of experience in the field of laboratory and processing analytics.

  • Experience with a variety of products (chemicals, pharmaceutics or synthetics)

  • Flexibility within the limits of our services.